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I’m working on getting Simple Theory up and running at some point in the future.  The link is here:  If you follow on facebook, you’ll get some notifications when I start getting it sorted out a bit more.

A twitter account will eventually come along, but I tend to waffle too much to tweet effectively.


Notes From the Cliff Edge: Beginnings

Come to the edge.
We might fall.
Come to the edge.
It’s too high!
And they came
And he pushed
And they flew.

Christopher Logue, New Numbers, 1969

Who I am

  • PhD finisher (viva due sometime in summer 2015).
  • I live in the wilds of West Cornwall.
  • I used to be a mature student (left school with nothing, got my learning starting in my late 30s).  In a few weeks,  I’m just going to be ‘mature’.
  • I’m interested in politics, disability studies, sex, jewellery (especially jewellery for sex), issues around space.
  • I like to make stuff simple.  I hate obscure theorising.  I want everyone to be able to ‘get it’.  And yes, I know it’s not always possible, but it’s a worthwhile aim.
  • I’m a bit of a waffler, but I’m working on that bit.

This is the obligatory first post.  I have made the decision to switch from Medium to WordPress because it has better options for following other blogs.  The blog’s title is drawn from my physical location in the far West of Cornwall and that I am on a metaphoric cliff.  I am fast approaching the end of my PhD (submission due in just over two weeks as I write) and I’m looking at where next.

I’ve written quite a bit in my PhD on how the neo-lib state has basically fucked up communities and social stability, undermining natural forms of support by creating a a cheap and ‘flexible’ workforce.  I feel like I’m a perfect example of the difficulties that arise It seems like to be part of the academy these days one needs to be very flexible and willing to move frequently.  I am unable to do this.  This blog will basically chart how I negotiate this.

In view of this, ironically, I’m stuck between actually making use of my years of study and getting a job in academia (albeit at comparatively low pay, on insecure, temporary or short term contracts) miles away from home, and staying put.   This will mean low/minimum wages but I won’t need to worry about moving with a disabled parent. On the plus side, I’ve possibly scored a job as a support worker for some people with learning difficulties living in a small group home.  I say ‘possibly’ because I had to disclose a frozen shoulder.  I fear I might be too impaired for them to sustain the job offer but not impaired enough to be protected from discrimination on the grounds of disability.  Time will tell, but if I do remain in post, I’ll be blogging about that.

Other stuff

I’ll blog a bit about my PhD later.  I have other stuff I need to get off my chest first.